"Lessons with Jon are so much fun! I've learned so many of my favorite songs and my parents can't believe how much better I have gotten."


- Maggie







"Before I started taking lessons with Jon, I was frustrated at how little I knew and how much I needed to learn. I feel like now I know so much more than I expected to learn and I'm easily 100% better at guitar."


- Cody





"I always had a goal to learn a song and I thought that it would take forever to do so. After my first lesson with Jon, I already had half of my first song down! I'm so much better then I ever expected to be! Jon's an amazing teacher!"


- Allie





"Having the knowledge that I have now after taking lesson from Jon makes me feel like I'm 10x better than I was before I came to him. Not only did I get clarification on some of the techniques I already knew, I now know how to apply licks and scales in actual music! 


- Vince





"I thought I would just learn a few chords and pick around some. I never imagined I would be doing the things I'm able to do and i didn't think I would have this much fun!"


- Brad





"Jon makes it so easy to learn because you actually get to apply the techniques and concepts in actual songs that I know!"


- Joyce





"I've improved 100% since I started taking lessons with Jon. I've also gained confidence and have so much more motivation to practice!"


- Matt






"Before I started lessons with Jon, I was stuck in Rhythm Guitar Player Mode. I didn't know many scales and the one I did know, I didn't understand how to use them. Now, I feel I'm 100% better as a Lead Guitar Player! I still have a ways to go, but I'm improving every week!"


- Harry





"My biggest frustrations before I started lessons with Jon were my rhythm and strumming abilities. In 5 weeks, I'd say I improved 50%. I still have a lot of work to do, but I've seen dramatic results."


- Nick K.






"Jon has an unbelievable ability to communicate. If you don't understand a lot about music, he's able to pick up on that and he makes you feel comfortable so that you reach your goals. My enthusiasm for the guitar has at least quadrupled! "


- Gregg





"Jon is a great teacher! In just a few months, I've improved at least 10x!!!"


- Josh






"Jon is an extremely motivating teacher! I've only been taking lessons from him for a few months and I feel I've increased my skills 10 fold!"


- Chad





"Jon taught me 10x more about the guitar in just 3 months. I've improved 100% from where I was!"


- Nick T.





"Jon is an excellent teacher! He makes the lessons very comfortable and fun and he is very patient!"


- Frank



Fun Guitar Lessons!